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あなたの update_32.dll エラーを修正


あなたの update_32.dll エラーを修正

Update 2014-03-25 Support says: WARNING - RANSOMWARE

We STILL have loads of people requesting and searching for a file named Update 32.dll.

From what we have managed to find regarding this file online, it is requested by "goodgame empire hack v2.15", "stronghold kingdoms hack v3.72", "TeenPatti-Hack-v2.6.4" and other hackmachines. These programs are used for cheating.

We have not been able to find a single copy of this file, and I personally doubt, that even if one found the file, it would help you in cheating. All "downloads" I have found for this file comes with demands. "Like our page", "Share our page", "fill out this survey, so that we get paid".

To me, this feels like a non-working scam program, deliberately demanding a file that comes with commitments.

Surf safe, and do not cheat!