あなたの apisupport.dll エラーを修正


あなたの apisupport.dll エラーを修正

2014-02-27 Support says:

Possible Manual solution for you 'handyman-fixers' out there: (at your own risk)

APISupport.dll comes with software from Conduit, typically in the form of a search Tool Bar. If you are seeing an error message saying “RUNDLL error.. APISupport.dll .. The specified module could not be found” it could mean that APISupport.dll has been deleted from your computer, but the startup code remains on your computer.

Since many Anti Virus suites consider this file a threat, it is likely your Anti Virus that has removed this file.

To get rid of this error message, you have a few options.

  • Leave the program as is, but disable the autostart
  • Re-install the "Conduit" software (Making sure your AntiVirus does not interfere)
  • uninstall / remove the Conduit software and make sure all autostart and registry entries are removed (Malwarebytes Anti Malware does this for you!)